Context API or Redux

Context API or Redux


Why to use any of these when you have props?

USE CASE:This is an interesting one! I can give a number of reasons to use these but the main reason is to avoid "props drilling"(click to know what is prop drilling). As people familiar with React know that prop drilling is so contrary to clean code. Some reasons are bulleted below:

  • Eliminates the need for passing props through multiple levels, reducing verbosity in the component tree.

  • Makes it easier to manage global state without explicitly passing data down the hierarchy.Centralized global state allows components to access and update shared state without passing it through props.

  • Provides a structured way to manage complex state, especially in large applications.

  • Facilitates state changes in a predictable, unidirectional flow.

A brief description of Context API & Redux

Context API

The React Context API allows components to share state without manually passing props down the component tree. It consists of a "Provider" and "Consumer" mechanism, with the "useContext" hook simplifying the consumption of context within functional components.

Check this article to know how to use context API


Redux is a state management library for React that provides a predictable and centralized state container. It introduces actions, reducers, and a store for managing application state.

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Which one to use?

Now the simple answer to that is "it depends"! Yeah really, it depends on several factors including the complexity of your application , the familiarity of your team with the specific set of tools as well as your specific usecase

Which is simple and easy to use?

Considering the above case context API will be a better option for you as being built in in react makes it simpler and more straightforward to setup in react environment as compared to redux.

How can I make my states more predictable?

If that's the case Redux provides a predictable state container, enforcing a strict unidirectional data flow. This predictability can make it easier to understand and debug your application as it grows.

Which one is better to manage states in my complex project?

For a rather complex and large application it will be better to setup a redux store. this one time pain can save you a lot of time and can make your states rather easier to predict.

How about if I don't have much time to learn something new?

For a tight project deadline it would be better to go with context API. the reason to that is Redux has a steeper learning curve due to its concepts like actions, reducers, and middleware. The Context API is more straightforward and might be quicker to pick up.